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Post by $DICKENS$ on Sat May 27, 2017 9:50 am

Your In-Game Name: Pablo Dickens
Faction Name: The Republic of Dickens
Time and Date: Sat , may 27 - 2017 : 9:46am.

The Dickens Story's Life

The Dickens Republic is a group of rednecks that are trying to secede from the United States of America and the State of San Andreas due to various issues within the state and country. The group funds their campaign by committing various crimes such as selling drugs, kidnapping, pandering, and many other things. The Dickens family have always felt not welcome in the society they live in, so they have always secluded themselves from the general population. The groups dream has always been to live in their own land where they have their own laws, hence why the groups current goal is to achieve that.

OOC Information

Upon joining the faction, you give us all rights to CK your character.
Stay in character at all times, avoid using out of character chats.
Follow all server rules, this includes remaining serious in character and not trolling.

Joining Information
To join this faction you need to speak to one of the members, please PM mattmocz or Bogus. You can also encounter us in character and go that way, however if you want to have a character with the Dickens surname you have to talk to us OOCly first to arrange it all.


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